Looking for Bike Patrol Officers?

Your service is essential and it is necessary to us that we provide you with all the chances to keep that safe and safe. At PSI Security Service, we supply you numerous security alternatives, including security bike patrol security services, to finest surround your company and workers with comfort in the greater Atlanta area. Our extremely trained guards have the ability to keep an eye on the areas in and around your business and structure. There are numerous advantages to working with PSI Security Solutions bike patrol officers, consisting of expense efficiency, quick emergency action. ecological advantages, and positive development in the community. Below are 5 benefits to supplying you with company and public security via security bike patrol services:

1) Bike patrol officers supply less abrasive environment than conventional policeman

When any pedestrian encounters a policeman or other security service company authority, they have a preconceived unfavorable notion of exactly what type of people the officers are. Bike patrol officers are a few of the least likely guards to have that kind of stigma follow them as they are looked upon as a type of modernity and novelty. This appeals to a younger generation who is probably to be a resource of eyes and ears to the officers throughout any type of monitoring, suspicious activity, etc.


2) Bike patrol officers have more contact with the general public than automobile patrols

As bike patrol officers continue their rounds in monitoring their assigned locations, they have the ability to be in more direct and quick contact with the general public as needed. Lot of times, during a considerable emergency situation or security, pedestrians are not as apt to speak to police for worry of getting more associated with an examination or case. Bike patrol officers have the ability to be on the ground with those individuals and learn firsthand what they are experiencing as they patrol the area. This reinforces a favorable connection and a model to example for the relationships in between companies, communities, and law enforcement.

3) Transgressors are less likely to take notice to bike patrol officers

Most transgressors know to look out for police workers when devoting a crime, but bike patrol is not an extensively used or understood service in a lot of locations. This type of patrolling can be incredibly beneficial to the neighborhood as it keeps the playing field between police officers and lawbreakers reasonable when it happens chosen of the crowd. Bike patrols go unnoticed till its far too late for the criminal to conceal criminal activity, thus supplying more time to respond and prevent dangers within the area.

4) Bike patrol officers utilize all their sensory training to recognize suspicious activity

Bike patrol officers are able to ride around and keep track of that area, encountering noises, sights, and scents they would be unable to if they remained in a lorry police car. This allows ample time to observe and face any suspicious activity nearby. This is very useful in nabbing suspects that may be hiding in nearby areas throughout their tried running away or escape.

5) Bike patrol officers have the ability to be more fluid in where they can navigate and keep an eye on

As bikes are more compact than standard automobiles, bike patrol officers are able be more flexible in where they have the ability to observe and can prevent mistakes throughout a pursuit. Some locations in the neighborhood may not allot vehicles on the property or have a restricted gain access to location for your lorry as well as be under construction or have more than adequate foot traffic that would deter a traditional police car from maneuvering.

These advantages for a bike patrol security service are just a few of the primary locations that it could be a huge asset to your company. PSI Security Providers offers you a chance to take every step in keeping your residential or expert company safe and protected. We provide our services 24/7 along with fast emergency situation response times. Contact us today for a complimentary security assessment and cost effective quote!


Hire Your Local Security Guards

Many people and business owners want to pretend that criminal offense doesn’t exist, and that they’ll never be a victim of theft, vandalism, or any other unfortunate circumstance. However, the fact of the matter is that there will always be people out there who will take advantage of others when offered the possibility. There are lots of reasons to employ a local security personnel to secure your company and property in Atlanta, and PSI Security Service has the experience and certified workers to fulfill all your security requires.

It’s constantly much better to be proactive and ready prior to any problems emerge. Having a security guard on your facilities will deter criminals and criminal activity prior to it can happen. Thieves and intruders are considerably less likely to target you or your business if they see it is secured. If a criminal still attempts to hurt your service, experienced security personnel like those from PSI Security Service can identify suspicious activities before they are carried out. Avoidance can conserve you time, cash, and undue tension. It can likewise offer you assurance, understanding that your service and workers are safe.

Image Of Customer Service
As a company owner and expert, you understand the value of delivering quality customer support, in addition to preserving a fantastic image. When your clients and clients see that you have expert security on personnel to secure your building, company, staff members, and the clients themselves, your image improves significantly. Because guard can likewise secure against violent individuals, it significantly improves your staff and customers’ sensation of security. And consumers are far more most likely to go back to places they feel are safe. The professionally qualified guards at PSI Security Service in Atlanta will improve your company.

Managing Crimes When They Do Occur
In the few cases when criminals aren’t initially prevented by the existence of a security personnel, you will still have assurance knowing that they are trained to identify, catch, and detain/report the criminal in a reliable way. Without security on your company premises, thieves are far more most likely to go unnoticed, and anyone committing violent or vandalism criminal activities are more prone to escape.

Armed, uniformed security personnel at PSI Security Service are trained to detect, handle, and use suitable force when essential needs to an unsafe situation arise. Unarmed security guards are similarly trained to expertly discover, observe, report, and apprehend lawbreakers if needed. PSI Security Service in Atlanta can guarantee that your workers, residential or commercial property, and consumers are secured against any dangers that do occur. If it is needed to call the cops, security personnel can significantly help in filing authorities reports and collecting witness declarations.

Other Benefits of Hiring Local Security For Your Business In Atlanta

In addition to avoidance, image enhancement, and handling criminal offenses, hiring a local Atlanta security personnel with PSI Security Services provides the following benefits:

  •  Customers and employees can be escorted if they feel hazardous.-
  • Violent or aggressive employees or consumers can be detained and escorted off the property.
  • Save cash on losses, as theft and property damage will be considerably decreased.
  • Boosted staff member dedication and spirits.
  •  If your service has security cams, they will be much more efficient, as they can be more closely kept an eye on with a security guard.
  •  Drastically increases safety at more crime-prone hours, such as after dark.

Even More Benefits When You Hire Security For Special Events
When you employ a skilled security personnel from PSI Security Service for your special occasion in Atlanta, it will immediately provide the event a safer environment. Guard at occasions can:

  •  Help control the crowd.
  • Monitor visitor lists and check ID if necessary.
  • Detect any unwanted, risky, or aggressive behavior.
  • Ensure the physical safety and security of attendees.

Don’t Let Your Business Vulnerable, Contact PSI Security Service in Atlanta Today!

Among the most fundamental parts of hiring security to safeguard you, your property, or your business is ensuring you choose the best business for the task. At PSI Security Service in Atlanta, we offer professionally experienced security guards for any occasion. Criminal offense is high in Atlanta, and we offer safety audits to determine any locations of security weak point within your establishment. Be preemptive and proactive, and offer yourself the huge advantages that include having a local guard that understands your requirements and recognizes with the area.

Protect Your Assets with the Right Construction Site Security Service

According to LoJack Corporation’s 12th Annual Construction Equipment Theft Study, the annual estimated expense of devices theft varies from $300 million to $1billion each year. For 2011, the most regularly stolen items are easy work trucks and trailers. California is the state with the greatest theft rate, while the most stolen brand of devices is Ford. Other often stolen products are loaders, skid guides, generators, air compressors, and welders. If you do not want to come from such stats as a professional, you need to secure your possessions with the best building website security service. When a minor burglar sees an armed security guard patrolling the building area, he or she will certainly think twice about breaking in.

Still based on the report, construction sites have become easy targets for criminal activities because of the following reasons:
– Most construction websites have bad security
– Most devices can be operated using a standard secret
– Little building tools can be quickly taken
– Some building websites are left without security during the night, or over the weekend
– A lot of service providers fail to do an inventory of the products and equipment that they carry website

Whether it is petty thievery, vandalism, or a significant criminal activity which has been dedicated on the construction site area, it can result in profit loss, project delays and charges for the specialist.

Choosing the Right Construction Site Security Service

The good news is that there are lots of business offering security guard services which are specifically designed for building sites. Choosing the right provider is all a matter of asking the ideal concerns, that include the following:
-For how long have you remained in the building site security market?
-Can your security personnel guy security patrol vehicles, if required?
-Are the guard trained to react to emergency situation situations?
-Can the gatekeeper conduct a foot patrol of the website when required?

There are numerous security service companies out there, however not all of them specialize in dealing with construction site security service– so it’s a good idea to examine the specialization. Aside from making certain that the building location is well guarded, it will also help if you will certainly take some additional steps to prevent theft, vandalism, and crimes from being committed in your building location. For instance, you can enhance lighting during the off hours, or make sure that the providers deliver the raw products when all the employees are on site. Supplying perimeter security and utilizing theft deterrents such as alarms or security video cameras would likewise help.

Should a criminal activity be dedicated in the building website, the security guard would know the best ways to handle the scenario, prevent it from intensifying into something worse, and report the occurrence to policeman if necessary. Knowing the role of construction website security officers in a structure job is the best method to hire good, qualified workers to patrol the location.

For more information about construction security services in Atlanta, click here.

Top Tips for Choosing a Good Security Guard Company

Professional Security Guard Services

The role of a police officer is to handle delicate, violent, criminal or chaotic situations as they happen. This is a reactive approach to handling crime and violence. With security guards, the approach taken is more preventative in nature. With security patrol services present in an area, crimes can be deterred and prevented from happening in the first place.

This is precisely the reason why it pays to hire a good security guard company. Through them, you can be assured that the security guard who will be assigned to watch over your home, office, place of business, or any other area can be trusted to prevent crimes from happening. The security guards are also trained to be clearly visible during their duty hours.  They know how to handle delicate situations calmly but quickly and they can easily perform special or administrative duties which are related to providing security in any area.

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Security Guard Company

Now, if you are on the lookout for a good security guard company, here is a quick list on what you should look for:

  • Which area does the security guard specialize in?

Security guard services vary in specializations. There are security guards who work as bodyguards, crowd controllers, gatekeepers, air security officers, mobile patrol officers, security agents, or store security officers. If you are hiring security guards for a convenience store which is open 24/7, for example, there are companies that can field guards on shifting schedules round-the-clock.

  • What kind of training does their pool of security guards go through? One security guard company could be better than another in terms of the quality of training that their pool of guards goes through. Some companies hire off-duty law enforcement officers or even military personnel. If not that, the company should at least provide regular training to their security guards to make sure that whoever gets assigned to guard your home or place of business is reliable enough to deter crimes.
  • Do their security guards have the basic requirements for the job?

This may sound like a given, but a run-of-the-mill security guard company may not necessarily check on the background of their pool of security guards. To make sure that you will get quality services, ask if all their guards have the required education – preferably a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Also, in most states, security guards need to be registered. They should have undergone firearms training.  Note that state registration is needed for armed positions.

Looking for a good security guard company is a must if you would like to ensure the safety of your home or place of work. With these tips, you can hire the best company and enjoy utmost peace of mind, knowing that whoever gets assigned to you will do a good job of offering security services.

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Police Introduce Body Cameras in Smyrna

Smyrna law enforcement agent will have another item of equipment to put on when the prepare for their shifts on Wednesday.

All officers designated to the patrol division, investigators, street crimes, K-9, crime prevention, S.T.E.P., D.U.I. Task Force and park rangers will now be needed to put on among 75 body electronic cameras the department acquired for a grand overall of $68,140, the department revealed in a release.

“Essentially, all Smyrna Officers coming into contact with civilians will be required by policy to use body worn cameras,” department spokesman Chris Graeff said.

Authorities will use the footage from the cams to help the prosecution of crooks, however the video footage will also be vital for examining resident complaints into officer misconduct. Some body video camera video might later on be used as training helps and for public affairs purposes, the department said.

Graeff said that the cameras were purchased with the intent of, “increasing transparency and being proactive with community policing.”

Smyrna authorities are under investigation by the GBI after one of their officers shot and eliminated an unarmed suspect who was being sought for arrest in March of this year.

On March 24, Sgt. Kenneth Owens and officers Graeff and Mark Cole were joined by 4 Cobb County police officers in an attempt to serve an arrest warrant on 23-year-old Nicholas Thomas, who was working at the Goodyear inside the Vinings Crossing shopping mall.

Authorities state that when Thomas saw the officers approaching, he drove a customer’s white Maserati around the structure a number of times in a negligent way, then drove straight at the officers. At this point, authorities say that Owens feared for his security and fired at the Maserati, eliminating Thomas.

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